Vibetribe's Risk Protection FrameworkTM

Setting ourselves apart from the rest.


First, we protect your ideas, concept & data

It is always our top priority to keep your information safe and secured with us. Every project starts with a Non-Disclosure Agreement to safeguard your interests.


Pre-project Evaluation & Consultancy

We consider this the most important stage of any project. Our specialists will take the time to discuss, fully understand and evaluate your organisation’s needs, its unique requirements and issues that may be affecting your business. This enables us to implement a cost-effective measure and avoid developing something which yields limited insights.


SwiftVibesTM Conceptualisation Lab

Employing Vibetribe’s best practice in research conceptualisation, we determine the best way to prep for the development of your research instrument, review the overall execution plan and identify any potential technical risk.



Test-bed Diagnostics

Next, we diminish any other risk by replacing guesswork and assumptions with empirical validation through a series of representative pilot tests and diagnostics.



Develop & Implement

Now for the most exciting stage. We develop the most suitable instrument(s) that enables us to report intricate insights and illuminate any blind spot.



Measure & Assess

We go live! Our data inspectors screens and detect any anomaly in the data early, removing any lurking  erroneous data that may dilute our insights. Data is extracted directly via SQL eliminating the possibility of human error when dealing with multiple datasets. Each action is transparent – we keep you in the loop throughout your entire experience.



Support & Cruise Control

We maintain a steadfast support and maintenance relationship with all our clients throughout, keeping you updated on our progress almost real-time. So sit back and relax while we manage the cruise controls.



TrueVibesTM: Magnify & Prioritise

Our experts in data analytics will magnify actionable insights so that you can feel the TrueVibesTM of your data and do more of what’s key to your customers and less of what’s not.



Act & Predict

Our post research action planning workshops incorporate trends and forecasts so that you know what may be coming next and beat your competition by enhancing touch-points that truly matter.


Let's talk about your business.

Got an Idea? Need advice or validation? Hear our honest opinions.