Employee engagement does way more than improve productivity

Convert your employees into your best ambassadors today.

Innovation is 1 side of the coin. Employee engagement is the other

Employee engagement is defined as “the level of enthusiasm / energy invested by employees in the organisation’s objectives”. We need to realise that innovation is just one of the outcome / output from an engaged culture.

Many interchange the concept of employee engagement with employee’s satisfaction or happiness. However, in reality, employee engagement bears a deeper significance to an organisation’s productivity levels and meeting organisational objectives.

Engagement levels have a direct correlation with your bottom line

Engaged employees are more productive, contented and are more likely to be loyal to your organisation. Disengaged employees on the other hand, are not only unhappy at work; they are also intent on displaying their unhappiness.

If left unattended, this will eventually hurt both the productivity of the organisation and more importantly, dampen the engagement levels of engaged employees over time.

Effects of low engagement levels in an organisation will be manifested in the bottom line.

Employees' have varied unexpressed motivators

Similar to how different organisations have distinct cultures, employees too require different motivators.

There are essentially two key types of motivators, Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. It’s vital to understand the different types of motivation to effectively motivate your employees.


Increasing engagement should be a strategic priority

The not-yet-engaged employees offer the largest untapped potential for any organisation to improve its performance and profitability.

Start identifying and converting the not-yet-engaged into engaged employees. Recognise at-risk employee populations with low or declining engagement levels and address your organisation’s attrition issues today.

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