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Distinguish an omni-channel experience from a multi-channel experience

There has been an increasing number of businesses which have evolved from “multi-channel” and embraced the need for “omni-channel” interactions with their customers. While both multi- and omni-channel involve selling and marketing across multiple physical and digital channels, the key difference is the integration of interactions for a seamless customer experience across channels.

Merely measuring the performances of the channels in silos will  give rise to a myopic view on the current state of your customers’ journeys.



Measure the customer's journey - not just channels of interaction

There are plenty of interactions that one can have with your business – from its marketing communications, packaging to an actual interaction with a staff.

While there may be a few customer journeys which are more important than others, any interaction which supports your customer throughout their journey with your business must be measured.

Evaluate and optimise your customers' experiences

An effective customer experience measurement uncovers areas for enhancement across channels or touchpoints such as inconsistent product labels, prices, terms, promotional value etc.

Analysing the journeys of relatively new customers yields insights which enable you to guide them to a different path and improve their experience in return. On the other hand, analysing the journeys of the returning customers could lead to the discovery of more efficient journeys to accomplish their objectives which would in turn improve their overall customer experience.  


Use consistent metrics for measurement

It is important to use a proper measurement metrics to measure your customers’ experiences. Based on the results, certain customer journeys which have a larger impact to their experiences could then be prioritised.

Start simplifying your operations by analysing and enhancing your customers’ journeys today!

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