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The Good Dino’s Office: Giving Presentations

During a Typical Presentation ...

Tell Stories with your data

The gap between data and actionable business insights is a story. Data storytelling requires smart data analytics, intuitive visualisation and a good story. Having 1 without the others limits the effectiveness of your presentation.

Data Storytelling Best Practices

  1. Make an effort to first understand your audience prior to the presentation.
  2. Always have the end in mind: “What is the value of my presentation to the audience?”
  3. Plan your storyboard before jumping into analysis. Don’t mislead your audience.
  4. Anticipate and prepare possible questions from the audience. Bounce it off your colleagues.
  5. Dinosaurs Humans remember narratives in sequence, not numbers.
  6. Don’t just use tables. Use creative visuals to present your points.
  7. Utilise animations and transitions to make your presentation more exciting.
  8. Verbalise factual data. Don’t sugarcoat the findings.
  9. Don’t merely read off your slides. Add bite-size analogies and humour aptly along the way.

Wait that's not all. Finally...

End your presentation with an insightful conclusion.

Now take a deep breath and go ace that presentation!

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