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The Good Dino’s Office: Leadership Styles

During a Feedback Session ...

With Great leadership comes greater followers

Employees leave their organisations for a variety of reasons. While there are a number who leave because of major life events beyond the workplace, the majority leave their organisations for reasons which are definitely within the organisations’ control. One such factor is “The Leadership”.

A great boss is both a leader as well as a coach – a person who inspires team plays and leads by example. Good employees make mistakes too and great bosses allow them to without generating fear. Afterall, mistakes are nothing but stepping stones for growth.

So How Now, Brown Cow?

You have a diverse team which is made up of different personalities, working styles and preferences. While there are team members who can respond well to constructive criticism, others may require feedback which is phrased in a more considerate manner.

Not all team members are forthcoming with their questions or concerns. This is especially so when they have bosses who are intimidating. An intimidating boss is Kryptonite to even the most engaged employee. Working with one can certainly dampen the level of employee engagement significantly over time.

Ultimately, increasing employee engagement should be a strategic priority. Great bosses understand which factors affect their team’s engagement the most and strive to convert the not-yet-engaged into engaged team members. By understanding their team members on a much deeper level, they are able to recognise at-risk employee populations with low or declining engagement levels and address attrition issues.

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