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The Good Dino’s Office: Don’t Let Response Bias Disrupt Your Insights

There are more than 20 different types of cognitive biases and there is no other that destroys your survey insights as much as “Response Bias” could. The Good Dino’s Office shows us why.

FACT: Response Bias can account for as much as 70% variance in your data!

Response Bias (sometimes known as Survey Bias) is the tendency for a person to respond untruthfully to a survey. In some cases, the respondents may have felt pressurised to provide responses that are deemed “acceptable” while others may have been deeply influenced by externalities. And there are also those whom may have misinterpreted the intent of the survey questions altogether.

Regardless, Response Bias can certainly pollute your data and disrupt the effectiveness of your insights.

Don't let response bias send you on a wild goose chase!

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